It’s moving day….

This is Scott and I’s first adventure overseas. So the whole process is very new to us.

What we were told is that there will be 3 shipments of our things.

  • items that go into storage
  • items that go with us
  • unaccompanied baggage (items that go with us, but will arrive more quickly).

Trying to organize the house to figure out what is going where has resulted in what looks like an explosion! Hope everything is okay when the movers come…

Here is how our move has gone so far:

Day 1 – 3 movers came to our house and started packing up the stuff that is going to storage. Moving makes me want to own absolutely NOTHING! It’s so time consuming and brings to light how much stuff you’ve accumulated (note to self, reduce clutter!!). The movers stayed until about 7:30 PM, it was a full day and they loaded up two mini container loads!

These containers will go into a warehouse and we’ll see them in 3 years when we come back….hope we don’t need anything!


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