It’s moving day….again 

Day 2 – A crew of 2 ladies came to start packing the items traveling to Seoul with us. They were very efficient and in 3.5 hours were able to pack the entire downstairs and get started on some of the upstairs. The funniest thing is they are like machines, they will pack anything you put in front of them. One of the ladies grabbed a single oven mitt and started packing it in paper….we might have gone through a small forest already in boxes and packing paper, it’s a good thing we recycle!

Day 3 – 6 people showed up to the house this morning! 3 people are packing the rest of our things and 3 are moving them. Everyone got to work very quickly and before we knew it they were prepping to load the truck. In the spirit of fridge clearing, I had the ingenious idea of sandwiches for lunch! I mean 6 people, gotta make it quick and easy 🙂 And to finish it off, I offered everyone a Cantaloupe Paleta (Popsicle) and they loved them! I’ll share the recipe later. 

It was a short day today, everything was done and loaded by 3:30 PM and we waved bye bye to our things – See you in 45-60 days!  

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