Free at last!

This morning Seoul is a little chilly and a bit overcast. People have been telling us that the weather is unusual as it has been warm and sunshiny all last week….let’s hope the weather improves in the coming days!

As we explored the Dragon Hill Lodge, we found that they have a really lovely green space behind the hotel. I think it will be great to sit out there and read a book or catch up on some blogging when the weather perks up again. What do you think?

The options for food at the Dragon Hill are quite limited. There is an American cafe type restaurant, a Pub, a Mexican restaurant, a Deli, Subway, Pizza Hut and a fancier Steak and Seafood restaurant. We will definitely need to get off base to explore our other food options.

We did get a chance to visit the Commissary today and it is HUGE!! Like the size of a warehouse club, but more shelves. We got some essentials, but I won’t be cooking much as we don’t have a stove or an oven. We’ve got a griddle and a Vitamix, so we’ll see what I can come up with to share with you all.

We were very fortunate and were able to get our base ID cards today, which means we will definitely be going off base for dinner!! Hooray! In anticipation for dinner, I did a little research online and found a Korean BBQ restaurant with great reviews in Myeongdong (which is a big shopping district in Seoul).

The trip to Myeongdong was a 5,000 won cab ride (which is a little less than $5) and we quickly found our way to Woori Garden.

Our waitress was able to communicate well enough with us in English and I heard the other waitresses speaking in Mandarin and Japanese. For our meats, we ordered pork belly and marinated beef ribs. Along with our food they brought some delicious side dishes (sautéed spinach, tofu, kimchi, potato salad, etc) which are called “banchan.”  The waitress helped to get us started on the pork belly. It was amaaaaazing! She also showed us how to take a piece of the meat, dip it in some sauce place it in a piece of lettuce, add some hot sauce, roll it up into one compact bite and as the waitress said “you take all” LOL.

Along with our meal I ordered some Cucumber soju (it was less than $6)  Soju is a distilled drink made from rice (or other starches) and has from 16% ABV and up! It’s some strong stuff. I didn’t realize I was getting a FULL teapot of it (see my picture of it next to the rice bowl….). It was way too much for me, lucky Scott was there to help me.

After dinner we walked around and ran into a small spa. We were eager to give it a try and  opted for an hour foot massage (only 30,000 won! About $28). The establishment itself wasn’t the greatest, the interior could have been cleaner and it was pretty small. I was also surprised that instead of being in a recliner they had us on lay down massage beds. It was hilarious watching Scott lay down as he was far too tall for the bed and the lady ended up pulling over a stool so that Scott’s feet could actually be on the bed! The massage lady and other patrons were definitely cracking up at this point…POOR SCOTT!

The massage itself was pretty good. They started off by massaging your back to loosen you up and then went to work on your thighs, legs and feet. After an hour we were very relaxed and ready for bed. I think we will keep searching for a regular massage place though.

We will definitely be back to Myeondong to do some shopping – I heard there is a big midnight shopping thing that happens on Fridays (street vendors come out and open up from midnight until 5 AM!).

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