A stroll around Itaewon

After our orientation yesterday we decided to take a stroll around Itaewon, which is the closest district to the base. It was a quick walk (about 15 minutes). The area is quite a bit older looking than Myeongdong, everything seems run down. There was a main strip near the Hamilton Hotel that had a lot of shops, seems like it’s the more happening area there.

While we were wandering there were a lot of interesting things that I took pictures of to share with you all!

One thing that you will find out about Korea is they love their skin care products. They have masks for everything and any creme, lotion, serum, etc that you can imagine. However, these animal face skincare masks, boob masks, and tummy masks are definitely a bit extreme in my option. Maybe I should test these all out and do a blog post 😉

In Asian culture, lighter/whiter skin is highly coveted and apparently they have anti-tanning shops! Not exactly sure how this is executed and I love being tan, so I don’t think I’ll ever find out….

So there are trucker hats EVERYWHERE!! In the sports store and the street vendors. Here’s a sampling of what they are offering. Who wants a souvenir “Pervert” hat?! LOL

And last but not least, this is an ad for an Italian restaurant in Itaewon. Does the zombie lady tearing into the pasta make you wanna drop in for a bite? We’ll keep you posted if we decide to try this place.

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