Korean Beers

We were excited that one of our friends is currently in Seoul for work and we met up with him in Yeongdeungpo-gu to have lunch and check out that area of town (it was our first time traveling across the river). It was probably about a 15 minute taxi ride and cost about 8,900 won.

After lunch we decided to venture out on our own little Korean beer tour and I wanted to share with you our thoughts on the different Korean beers so far.

One interesting fact about Korean beers is that most of them are brewed with rice. The Hite brand is by far the largest Korean beer brand – so far we have seen 3 different labels under them. Apparently they have a brewery in Hongcheongun (we will definitely be making a visit out there).

So here are our thoughts on the Hite brands:

Hite: Very light in taste, similar to a Bud Light or Miller Light. Basically your standard casual beer. 4.5 ABV

Max: Also light in taste, similar to a Bud Light or Miller Light. Not a ton of differentiation from the Hite. Since it has three letters and one of them is an “x” I’d rank it a little below the Hite. 4.5% ABV

Black Beer Stout: It is in no way what we would consider a stout. It has a stout taste, but the consistency is much lighter. Definitely has the most hoppiness of the beers we tasted, but not even close to the stout you are used to. 5% ABV

The Cass and OB brands are brewed by the Oriental Brewery. I’m not sure if they do tours of their brewery.

OB: Has more flavor than Hite, similar to a Yuenling but a little lighter. This is by far our favorite Korean beer thus far. 5.2% ABV

Cass: Another Bud Light or Miller Light equivalent. 4.5% ABV

Cass Light: This might as well be the Natural Light of Korea, it is so watery with a hint of beer flavor. This was our least favorite. 4% ABV

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