House Hunting – Seoul Searching Part 2

So apartment hunting is hard work! We have definitely gotten used to the comforts of our house in Washington D.C. and forgotten that finding the right place takes time and a lot of looking around.

We met with another realtor, Minjee with high hopes that we will see something that feels like home to us! She asked us which buildings we had already been to, and when I mentioned the Asterium, she said that she had another unit for us to see.  So even though we didn’t like the layout of the other unit we saw there, we decided to check it out anyways.

Asterium - 2 Apt

This unit was also in tower B, however, it was just a 3 bedroom/2 bath (no den).  It is located on the 12th floor.

  • Open Floor Plan (8): This unit had a much more open floor plan that the other asterism unit.
  • Spacious Rooms (7): The bedrooms were not as narrow as the other unit.  However, the overall size of the unit was still a bit cramped.
  • Closet Space (5): Closet space is limited, no walk ins, and very few areas to hang clothes (mostly space for folded clothes and shoes)
  • Appliances (6): The unit has a washer and dryer combo.
  • Amenities (9): The building features a gym, sauna, indoor golfing, and all units come with a small basement storage unit. There is a keypad lock on each unit which we really like (we have this at home).  Finally, there is a trash chute and food waste disposal directly in the unit (sorting trash is taken very seriously in Korea and improper disposal will result in large fines)
  • Proximity to Restaurants and Shopping (7): The building is connected to Seoul station, but it is not open yet.
  • Price: $400/month under budget

The next building we visited was the Prime which is located right next to the Asterism in Dongja-dong.  This is the newest building in the area, it is only a year and a half old.

Prime Apt

The unit in the Prime is actually a 3 bedroom/3 bath and is located on the 21st floor.  The building is very new and that is reflected in the interior and there is a really nice view of Seoul Tower.

  • Open Floor Plan (9): This unit is very spacious and the living room, dining room, kitchen area is very open.  I really like the feel of this area.
  • Spacious Rooms (7): The guest bedrooms are quite large, however, the master is not the largest one that we have seen, but is a decent size.
  • Closet Space (8): There is a walk in closet in the foyer hallway, in one of the guest bedrooms and a very large walk in closet in the master.
  • Appliances (8): The unit has a washer and a dryer.  It also has room for an additional refrigerator.
  • Amenities (8): The building features a gym, sauna, and indoor golfing (not open yet).
  • Proximity to Restaurants and Shopping (7): The building has some shops and restaurants nearby.  It is closest to Namyeong station (about 5 minutes walking).
  • Price: $200/month under budget

The last showing we had was for a villa.  Many villas (this one included) are located in the embassy areas of Itaewon-dong.  The area is very residential feeling and is very safe due to the embassies nearby.


The villa is a 3 bedroom/2 bath and is located on the 4th floor.  Even the villas have their own little parking garage attached (each person gets 2 spaces).

  • Open Floor Plan (8): This unit is very large and space is utilized well.
  • Spacious Rooms (8): The bedrooms are pretty spacious
  • Closet Space (7): There are some large closets, but due to interior layout, there is not a ton of space.
  • Appliances (7): The unit has a full size washer and dryer, however, all the appliances appear to be aged.
  • Amenities (1): There are no amenities in the building
  • Proximity to Restaurants and Shopping (7):  Itaewon is a 15 minute walk, there are few shops immediately nearby. Nosakpyeong station is about 5 minutes away.
  • Price: $550/month under budget

We really love the newness of the Prime and the brightness of the unit.  So far this is definitely the front runner.  We will be looking at some more places in the next few days and will let you know what we decide.  Let us know what you think we should pick!

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