Desperately seeking good eats in Seoul

We’ve all been there, you go to a new city and you don’t know where you should get your next meal. You’re not really sure if you should just walk into the next restaurant you see or if there is a hidden gem right around the corner that you don’t know about.

Well in the states, I love using Yelp.  They have a huge database of restaurants in every city and usually a lot of good reviews. Of course When we first arrived to Korea, I checked to see if Yelp was available and alas no go. So my next go to is always the Tripadvisor city guide app. After trying it a few times, I really haven’t had a ton of success with it, so another bust in my opinion. So, after a lot more research we found Mangoplate.

The Mangoplate app still needs some work, a lot of restaurants aren’t in the database yet, but you can help add them. I like that it location based searches, so if I’m in Myeongdong I can look for nearby restaurants and can even break them down by cuisine.  My favorite is of course that there are some English reviews and it’s fairly user friendly. I’ve been helping to add more reviews and hope that this post will be a help to future travelers!

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