We’re not homeless anymore!!!

Yay! It’s moving day! We’re out of the hotel and into our permanent apartment (I’m hoping this will be home for at least the next 2 years). Moving truly stinks.

So after a lot more searching, we decided that The Prime Apartments in Namyeong-dong was just the right place for us. Really close to the subway, new and modern apartment, spacious floor plan.

We’re on the 21st floor, and have some great views of the city. The unit has 3 Bedrooms and 3 Baths.

Here is a tour of our place!

There are some interesting facts about Korean apartments:

  • Every room has their own A/C unit, there is no central air.


  • Trash is to be divided up by recyclables, food waste, and other trash.  You also have to use approved trash bags, which are only available in your area.  You cannot bring a trash bag from another neighborhood to your house. A 50 liter bag was 900 won!
  • Houses operate on 220V, we have a bunch of transformers that were given to us by the landlord so that we can use our 110V US appliances.


  • The toilets here are fancy, there are a ton of buttons! Some warm up the seat and some do bidet functions.

  • Most people have water delivery service for their drinking water

  • Cable/Internet packages are very inexpensive (about $40)
  • You can’t hang any paintings on the walls, they have these little tracks on the ceiling and you can buy a chain to hang your artwork from the track.

  • The units have ovens, but they are only a little bigger than a microwave.
  • In addition to a refrigerator, they oftentimes have kimchi fridges.  (We’ll be using our kimchi fridge as a beverage cooler).

We are very excited about our place and to have one more thing on our list taken care of.  Plus we already have one friend set to come to visit soon, and can’t wait to show her around! 🙂

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