This city’s gone to the Dogs! – Visiting a Dog Cafe

So apparently where there’s a Cat Cafe, there is also a Dog Cafe.  In Myeongdong, near where we found the guy with the cat head, we found a guy in a dog suit! So everyone who knows me knows I love petting puppies, and anyone who knows my husband knows he loves it when I can play with the dogs but can’t bring them home.  So off we went.

Cafe Gaene Myeongdong

서울 중구 명동4길 46, 4층 (46, Myeongdong 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea)

If you have any trouble finding the place, look for the dog suit guy, and if that fails, follow all the signs on the streets.  Make sure you look up as the cafe is located on the 4th Floor.

Just like at the Cat Cafe, you will pay a 8,000 won entry fee which includes one beverage.  Here is a roster of the dogs that live at the cafe. They have quite a few different kinds, of all different shapes and sizes.  They even tell you who not to mess with as they can get a little feisty and might nip you! As a side note, it does smell like dog in here, so just keep that in mind.

This little guy was hanging out by the front counter waiting for some pets from all the customers coming in.

Here are some photos of the band of characters found here at the cafe. They sure love to nap! Silly dogs!


You will also get 1 fleece blanket, as you may have to sit on the ground in order to hold the dogs. As soon as I sat down on the floor, this little one came and jumped into my lap! She wanted a lot of snuggles as do all the dogs here.  There wasn’t an empty lap in the house.

These dogs all have distinct personalities and there was a hilarious Golden Retriever there, she kept taking things from the patrons and retrieving it.  Here’s a video of her in action.

Overall, the Dog Cafe was fun to visit, but I worry about how well these dogs are treated, but then again, there are people there constantly petting them and loving on them.  I asked the lady if all the dogs live there at night and she said that they do.  I definitely hope that is not the case because a dog needs to be a dog and get some exercise.  As with the cat cafe, the beverages were average at best, but you’re not going there for a beverage.   I think if ever I need a pick me up, I’ll be back to get some puppy lovin’ in.

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