Kkul Tarae or Dragon’s Beard Candy

I have seen Dragon’s Beard Candy on the streets of China, but was interested to find out that Koreans have their own version called Kkul Tarae.

The Chinese version is made of sugar and syrup whereas the Korean version is made from fermented honey.


If you are in Insadong, you will see a few different stands and they will put on a fun show for you. I took a video of them making the candy here:

They basically take the fermented honey and stretch it using cornstarch until they get 16,000 very find threads. They then take those threads and wrap it around different fillings (nuts or even chocolate). The dessert is not very sweet and used to be served as a dessert for kings.

The inside of the the Kkul Tarae (almonds, sesame seeds, sugar)

It is definitely a tasty treat and it is always fun to watch them make it.

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