Randomness in Jeju

Throughout our travels in Jeju we have seen some fun and entertaining things and wanted to share them with you.

Just in case you’re out and about and have the urge to play, don’t ride the Dolphins!

So we have all seen the standard signs for no smoking, but have you seen the cartoon cigarette butt that advises no smoking at the beach?

Jeju has stone statues at the beach, I mean they blend right in!

At the beach and need to relax? Don’t worry just kick up your feet in one of these pleather sofa chairs!



Giant blue tent on the beach equals a Country Club? I think there might be a misunderstanding.

I love all the warning signage, their stick people really know how to act!

The newest member to the road crew. Mr. Mannequin never needs a break and never complains. He might make employee of the month!

I didn’t know that Lotteria (the Korean version of McDonalds) served munchies for redneck bikers. That’s a very niche market they have going on there!

Who needs a neon colored vest to direct traffic at the airport when you can dress like you’re going on safari!

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