Korean Doritos Flavors – YAY!? Or NAY!?

So I love me some Doritos in the U.S. Cool Ranch is my fave, but I can be known to partake of some Nacho Cheese or Roulette as well. When I saw these 3 Doritos at my local G25, I was excited, but not sure what flavors these were.

We’ll start the taste test from left to right.

The 1st bag showing the small dish and a block of cheese is their supposed “Nacho Cheese” flavor. We had the highest hopes for this one and it was edible. It’s nothing like the Nacho Cheese we are used to, it had a little sweetness to it.

Next is the middle bag with what looks like a small dish of sour cream topped with a mint leaf. This is their “Cool Ranch” we think. It was NOT edible. We could only stand to taste the one chip. It had a watered down powdered sour cream taste…..that is about the closest way I can describe it.

The last bag was the “Honey Chili” flavored. It was super sweet with a hint of spice. It was also not edible in our opinion. It had a spicy honey-like taste mixed with a Dorito-ish flavor. Let’s just say it seemed like someone dipped a regular Dorito into something that they shouldn’t have and fed it to us.

I think I will be putting a hiatus on my Doritos taste testing. Think of us next time you pull out a bag of chips!

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