Hop on down to Montmarte Park!

A friend of mine told me that there was a park over on the other side of the Banpo Bridge with bunnies, so I definitely wanted to go for a visit! The over 200,000 square foot park is called Montmartre Park and located in Seocho-go.

Montmarte is part of a larger park, Seoripul Park which is comprised of a large network of hiking trails. It’s truly amazing to see all this green space in the midst of a bustling city like Seoul.  Montmarte Park was created to give a rest area to local residents and it was named Montmarte since many live in the French area nearby known as Seorae village. The park is one of the most sought out places for the people in the area to visit and it would be nice to bring a little picnic and relax on a nice day.


We started our trek from the Express Bus Terminal and started the trail right next to St. Mary’s Hospital. It is a mostly uphill climb, so definitely make sure you are wearing good footwear!  So after about a 2 mile walk, we arrived at Montmarte Park! Right away we saw this sign asking people to leash their dogs (so the bunnies don’t get hurt). You can tell the bunnies definitely rule this park!

As soon as we entered the park, we encountered this little guy, he was just hopping along without a care in the world. After he scampered off, we went in search of more friends.

We found this little bunny hut with straw inside, but no one was home.

Then we started looking in the bushes and we found their little rabbit trails. This little guy is taking a snooze.

We ended up meeting 8 bunnies in total! The best thing is they are relaxing all over the park without a worry in the world. They aren’t afraid of people at all and no one there bothers them.


While in the park you’ll also see a lot of pigeons and this black, blue and white bird. These birds are all over Seoul and have long beautiful tail feathers. They are called the Korean Magpie (or Oriental Magpie). Apparently this bird is so common that it has been named the official bird of many Korean cities.

Also, on our walk over to Montmartre we crossed over this bridge and I decided to take an artsy picture. Hope you like it!

Seoripul Park also has a Barefoot Trail (people really walk barefoot!), Grandfather Trail, Grandmother Trail and so many more random trails. The park has great signage to help you navigate the various trails. It is enormous and great for those who love the outdoors.

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  1. elisuper says:

    That’s awesome! I’ll definitely be going there 🙂


    1. qtkitchen says:

      Say hi to the bunnies for me!


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