You don’t bring me flowers anymore

Another fun thing to do when at the Express Bus Terminal is to do some shopping! One of my favorites is visiting the wholesale flower market located on the 3rd floor. You can get flowers at a big discount and it is fun just to walk around even if you are not buying anything.

Wholesale Flower Market

서울시 서초구 신반포로 194 (반포동) 경부선 본관 3층  (194, Sinbanpo­ro, Seocho­gu, Seoul (Gyeongbuseon Main Hall) – 3rd Floor

For you early birds, the market opens at 5 AM, however, it closes down by 2 PM.  When you get off the subway, you don’t need to go above ground, follow the signs for exit 8-2.

For a better selection of flowers, I recommend going in earlier than later as some shops start closing down around 1 PM. You’ll be astounded by the rows and rows of vendors with a huge amount of variety. Also make sure to bring cash with you.

From what I have heard, this flower market supplies flowers for a large percentage of Seoul from the retail flower shops, to smaller resellers. Very little of the flowers are purchased by everyday consumers.

I took some photos of the fun and interesting flowers I saw there to share with you!


So if you love flowers, or need some for a special occasion and want a great variety and price, head on down to the wholesale flower market and pick up some beautiful buds.  If you need artificial flowers, this is also the place to go.

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