Who’s the burger king?!

So Scott and I are always on the search for a great burger.  We’ve tried a few places and most of them have let us down, so as we try different places, we wanted to share with you our findings!

Itaewon the Burger

This is a newer burger place that has opened up.  The burgers are tasty and it’s conveniently located in Itaewon.

Sid Burger

Juicy, well seasoned burgers located in a food court setting near City Hall.

Brooklyn the Burger Joint

A burger joint with a fun diner setting.  There have so many burger options and offer delicious milkshakes to wash everything down!

VIPs Burger

We had high hopes for this place as it was pretty busy when we visited the CJ Food World location, but unfortunately the burger was a disappointment. 😦

K-bun Burger

This place is on the list as a definitely do not even bother (they have locations all over Seoul). The tout a huge burger, but it’s really just all bun! It was a huge disappointment. The meat wasn’t tasty at all and we didn’t like all their sauces and toppings. Plus the burgers aren’t cheap!

The good news is that if you want a delicious burger here in Korea, it is possible to find. More and more burger restaurants are opening up to fulfill your burger cravings! So keep on searching and let me know if you find any other great burger spots!

Another notable place for burgers and other American style food is Devil’s Door Brewery. unfortunately Devil’s Door is not very close to our house.





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  1. Have you tried Brooklyn the Burger Joint? A bit pricey, but worth it I think… 🙂


    1. qtkitchen says:

      Not yet, but I’ll look it up!!! Thanks 🙂


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