Braving the Korean Costco

Who doesn’t love buying in bulk and shopping at Costco and SAMs Club? Well lucky for us, Costco is in South Korea and your US membership will work (Korean memberships are cheaper than the US Membership tho)! Keep in mind, that shopping at Costco in Korea is almost a full contact sport, those ajosshis and ajummas have no mercy and will happily now you over for a deal!

There are many locations in Korea, but we decided to visit the location in Yangpyung (it is the closest location to our house in Yongsan-gu).

As you can see this Costco is massive, it’s multilevel and has many floors of underground parking garages. We tried to go to Costco on a Saturday last week, and it was so insane that we decided we should try again on a weekday. Well today was the day and here’s how it went!

Costco – Yangpyung Warehouse

156, Seonyu-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (65, 3-ga, Yangpyung-dong)

Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM (I think this is awesome), note that every 2nd and 4th Sunday they are closed

Once you arrive, you will see the entrance to the parking garage. There are even employees in there directing traffic because they have so many customers.

This Costco has 2 shopping floors. You start at the top floor, but as you can see, you’ll feel right at home since it looks like any Costco in the states.

But nowhere in the states can you get your dried squid and fish! Make sure you stock up, lol.

It’s amazing all the cuts of meats they have, but the sashimi really shocked me. The price was great and all the fish looked SO fresh.

Another cool thing we saw were the MLB officially licensed Dodger Dogs. I mean that’s authentic!

We definitely found some good deals and even picked up some marinated galbi and pork belly for dinner. I never make it out of Costco without buying a bunch of stuff…

Last thing is they have the snack bar in South Korea too. It is super popular. You’ll be happy to know that they still have the hot dog combo and pizza slices.

But, the one thing that they don’t have at home is Koreans stocking up on plates of diced onions (mixed with ketchup and mustard) that they eat like a side dish.

Here is a video of how they prepare the onions the Korean way!

After our trip, Scott basically refuses to go to Costco unless it’s like during the day on a weekday. He was traumatized by the number of people in there. But overall, there’s lots of great buys and definitely worth it for those who need to buy in bulk!

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