Secret Agent man…. or woman!

Do you love to solve puzzles and play games? Do you love to have some drinks with friends? Well then, you should check out The Vault.  The Vault is an escape room experience that is new to South Korea.  I’ve seen the in places like Orlando in the U.S., but when we heard about this one in South Korea we just had to check it out for ourselves!

You can find more information about The Vault at:

The Vault

서울 특별시 마포구 서교동 364-4 B2 (Floor B2 364-4 NS Tower, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Take the subway to Sangsu Station, use exit 1.  Go down the main road and walk until you see a Starbucks on the left.  Make the left right after the Starbucks and after you pass Thursday Party make a right and you’ll see N.S. Tower right up the hill. 

Open late, until 2 AM Sunday – Thursday and 4 AM Friday & Saturday.

Turn left here
Turn right and go up the hill
Turn right and go up the hill

Go down to B2, and you will enter The Vault.  They have a spacious “waiting area” where you can have food and drinks.  This is called a waiting area, however it is just like a normal bar you’d find anywhere else.  They have plenty of booths and tables where you can grab some drinks with your friends and discuss your spy strategies.  The employees are able to speak English well, so you won’t have any communication issues.

The drinks are really affordable and the food is tasty (of course it is bar type food).

They have 2 different games. Each game is 10,000 won per person and they are designed for 2 to 8 players. You’ll get to do things like duck under laser beams, solve puzzles and decipher secret codes!  The point of the first game was to steal the diamond from the safe!


As you can see, that was no easy task…..but we did it!!  We may have set the alarm off a few times, but the good news is that they will give you a second chance if you have a lot of time left on the clock (you get 45 minutes to solve each room).


The point of the second room was…..well I’m not sure.  As you can see, there were some puzzles and guns, but we weren’t able to solve many clues on this one.  The second room was the “hard” room and we can attest to that rating!

Overall The Vault was a fun night out and a good change of pace from the normal bar scene.  They said that they change the games up regularly so if you really love it, they’ll keep the challenges coming so you won’t have to keep solving the same room.  We though the games were pretty challenging and Scott keeps saying that he wants to go back because he needs to beat the game we couldn’t figure out!

So needless to say, we will probably be going back in the near future!  Until next time, secret agent qtkitchen is signing off…..this blog post will self destruct in 5 seconds!

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