Adopt don’t Shop!

We’ve been thinking about making our little family of 2 into 3 and are so excited about our newest edition!

Now don’t get too excited, we’re talking about the 4 legged furry kind of addition 🙂

Meet Gomi (곰이). She is a Jindo Mix that we first started fostering and ended up deciding to adopt. A Jindo is a Korean dog that is known for its loyalty. There are many stories about owners moving hundreds of miles away and their Jindo dogs finding their owners even though so much distance seperated them.

Gomi is almost 3 months old and full of energy! Don’t let the picture below fool you.

So if you are like us and wanted to adopt an animal or even just foster an animal, I wanted to provide a resource of the places I found where you could find your furever friend.

One place that I found out about is Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE). CARE was started in 2002 and is the largest animal rights organization in South Korea.  They are a friend to all kinds of animals.

They have 3 locations – Chungmuro area (Toegyero), Gimpo, and Dapsimni. Most of their animals are located at the Gimpo shelter, however, they do have a small amount of animals at the Chungmuro location. They have both cats and dogs at their shelters.

The Chungmuro area location (Toegyro)
Here is their English website so you can look at the different animals who need homes:!home/mainPage


Another great resources is This is actually where we found Gomi!

The one thing about this website, is that the animals are from all over South Korea.  So the animal you are interested in could be at the very south of the peninsula and depending on whether or not you have a car and how comfortable you are with public transportation, this could be a problem for you.  There are so many animals on this site though that need homes.

As I mentioned before in my Chungmuro post, a lot of the pets that you’ll find in the pet stores are from puppy mills.  With so many animals in the country (and world!) that need love, we just couldn’t support such a system.  Throughout our search we met a lot of good people that are doing a lot of great work with animals who are in need of rescuing.  I hope that if you are looking for an animal or know someone who is that you will tell them about these resources.

If you’d like to keep up with Gomi and see more pictures of her, you can visit her instagram @gomithejindo or her Facebook page – 

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