What is on Korean TV?

So some of you may be wondering what Korean television is like.  Well so were we!  Of course when we moved into our unit we requested English TV channels, so we have CNN, NatGeo, and a handful of other channels.  What is on the other channels you ask (we have about 200 channels in total)?  There are of course the channels you would guess like many K-pop channels and Korean and Chinese dramas, Sports channels, etc.

However, what you wouldn’t expect is that they have a Video Gaming channel where they broadcast video game tournaments!  Here are a few shots from a World of Tanks Gaming Tournament! They have announcers and everything, giving commentary on every move of the players.


Also, there is Golf Korea where they talk about Golfing, just like the golf channel in the US.  However, they televise virtual golf tournaments!  They are full of exciting action like what’s shown below.


I also love the fun shows they have where they do the most random things.  This lady was demonstrating her ab strength and  is trying to get this guy to do the same.  He is not doing so well….

IMG_8391Lastly, there are some really rivoting commercials like the one below selling some really good men’s undergarments that help keep you cool and comfy!  That extra “pouch” makes all the difference! (according to the commercial)

There are also an endless amount of “reality” TV shows that put a group of common people in perplexing situations and let the cameras roll.  Some samples of what we have seen is a group of guys on an island tasked with finding coconuts (they tried to all climb on top of each other to reach the top of a tree), Amazing Race style shows that have people running through shopping malls, and of course singing competitions.  Korean TV provides all sorts of entertainment options, so there is really no way that you can say that nothing is on (if you speak Korean that is). I hope you enjoyed your peek into Korean TV!

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