Bosingak Bell Ringing Ceremony

We recently visited the Bosingak Belfry to watch the Bell Ringing Ceremony that takes place daily at noon (except Tuesdays).  During the ceremony the bell is rung 12 times and visitors who have signed up in advance can participate in the bell ringing.

The Bosingak Belfry was used to keep time during the Joseon Dynasty. The original bell is now located in the National Museum of Korea.  We were told that during the Joseon Dynasty, the bell would ring 33 times at 4 AM to signal the opening of the gates of the city and 28 times at 10 PM to signal the closing of the gates of the city.

Here we are posing in front of the belfry with the Royal Guards! The look like they mean business!

Bosingak Belfry

서울특별시 종로구 종로 54 (관철동) (54, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul)

(To reach the bell by subway take line 1 to Jonggak Station and come out of Exit 4 and you will see the 2 story belfry)

To sign up to ring the bell you can register in advance on this website: or you can arrive early (prior to 11:40 AM) and sign up at the belfry.

You can watch the guards in action here:

You can’t believe how thick the bell is!  They have to remove the flooring to get the 19 ton bell into the 2nd floor.  It was was an interesting landmark to visit and I enjoyed participating in the bell ringing ceremony.

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