Hunting for Antiques 

Today we found out about the Dapsimni Antique Market that specializes in antiques. There were some pieces there that date back to the Joseon Dynasty! Because of this fact there are some items that cost millions of won!

Dapsimni Antiques Shopping Mall

서울 동대문구 고미술로 100(답십리동) 일대 (100, Gomisul-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul)

(Take line 5 to Dapsimni station, use exit 3. As soon as you come out of the exit, make an immediate right. Walk straight and you will pass Emart Everyday and you will make next left).

The buildings are on your left. There are 3 buildings (all next to eachother) with antiques to browse.

Here are some of the antiques you can see in the different shops. They sell a variety of new and old and there is a large range of prices. Make sure you don’t bring a lot of large bags with you and you may have to suck in your tummy because the stores are jam packed full of stuff. Also you will not see a lot of people there, it’s a nice quiet shopping experience.

Whether you are an avid collector of antiques or you just like to browse some interesting designs and items, the antiques market is an interesting place to visit if you have time. Make sure you check all the floors to find some treasures!

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