Everyone Poops at the Poop Cafe!

Asia is well know for its fun themes cafes. We have already introduced you to the Dog cafe and Cat cafe, but this cafe really takes the cake…well really the poo.

Welcome to Ddo-ong Cafe, a place where it’s perfectly normal to drink out of a toilet bowl, eat off a toilet themed plate and wear fabric poo swirls on your head!

It is located in the Ssamziegil shopping center that is located in the heart of Insadong. Ssamziegil boasts a ton of cute shops full or eclectic goodies and the Poo Cafe is no exception.

Ddo-ong Cafe

서울특별시 종로구 인사동길 44 (관훈동) (44 Insadong-gil, Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul)

(To get to Insadong, I recommend line 3 to Anguk station and use exit #6, then just walk straight and Insadong is on your right. Once you starting walking in Insadong, you will keep going until you see the 4 story shopping plaza on your left.  Go up to the top floor and you can’t miss the cafe.  You can also take Line 1 to Jonggak station and use exit 3.)

Here is an advertisement for the poo cafe.

I’m sporting a lovely green poo swirl. I mean when in Rome…

They have quite the extended menu! Note that not everything comes in a toilet bowl mug, just the hot drinks.  I recommend making sure that your drink comes in the toilet bowl mug.

Here is all of our poo themed food and drink.   Everything was pretty tasty.

If you’re in Insadong and looking for a good place to rest up or just looking for a few good laughs, this place really fits the bill. You can sit on the throne as long as you like and soak in the ambience!

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