Busan or Bust – Seafood Paradise!

Busan being a beach town is well known for it’s seafood.  If you go to Busan and don’t try any of the fresh seafood you are truly missing out!

On our first night in town, we walked along Haeundae beach and then started looking for some dinner.  We came upon the Street Market Village which you can’t miss.  It is a bunch of tents set up right next to the beach and as you walk through, each tent has tanks and tanks of fresh seafood.  There are a ton of little ajummas (old ladies) operating the tents and each tent has a slightly different selection of seafood. As we walked through our mouths were watering and of course we couldn’t resist stopping in for dinner.

As you can see there is a ton of seafood at each tent. The lobster were huge and looked amazing and the prawns were swimming happily in the water! After looking at a few stalls we decided on one and sat down.  We ordered the lobster for 2 which cost us 150,000 won.  Yes you heard me right, 150,000 won! It was pretty ridiculous, but it looked so delicious.

After we sat down and the ajumma asked if we wanted “service,” which basically means she will offer you some free items.  We of course said yes! She started us off with a small plate of raw tomatoes and cucumbers, then she began preparing Nakji (which is cut up raw octopus), then she cut up a few sea squirts (the sea squirt tasted very sea salty and the consistency was softer, I don’t think I’d ever order this).

Finally she cut up some pieces of something and hand fed it to us! We later found out it was a sea angleworm……. See it below….Let’s just say that angleworm isn’t how it is often described by people. The ajumma got SUCH a kick out of having gotten us to eat this unusual seafood.

By the time we were finished with all of the raw seafood, the lobster was ready! She had cut it up for us and even broken up the claws and hand cut the tail into pieces for us.  We definitely had a fun authentic experience at the Street Market tents.

The next day we went to Cheongsapo Suminine (수민이네) that is located in the Haeundae area.  We had seen some rave reviews the place and also some disappointments, but decided we would try it anyways.  Suminine is known for their Mixed Shellfish and Eel BBQ.

Cheongsapo Suminine

부산광역시 해운대구 청사포로58번길 118 수민이네 (118 Cheongsapo-ro 58beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan)

When you walk in you will see them firing up the briquettes for the grills.

The downstairs was packed with people, so I mean it has to be good right?!  We were told to head upstairs and sat down. Now let me tell you ahead that the table is a very simple folding type table, the chairs are faded plastic green lawn chairs, and nothing here is fancy.  But once you see the seafood you will be impressed!


We got the large portion of the mixed shellfish which was 40,000 won, small portion of the eel which was 40,000 won, and a small portion of the shrimp which was 18,000 won. We didn’t over order….right?

Let me forewarn you that the small portion of the eel was humongous and they come out so incredibly fresh. The eel is still moving after being cut up into pieces!

Here is all of the amazing mixed shellfish we received.  There are scallops, clams, and giant clams.  The giant clams are bigger than your hand!

Once we got all of our food, we really had no idea what to do with it!  Luckily one of the ladies that worked there came to the rescue.  She put the scallops in the scallops directly onto the grill.  She told us that there were peppers and butter inside the shell.

Once the butter melted, she took a pan of sliced onions and started scraping the scallops and the juices into he pan.

And finally she took some of the scallop shells and covered up the pan to let it all simmer magically to perfection. Let me tell you that it tasted amazing.  The scallops were perfect and we loved the little bit of heat that we got from the hot peppers.  The sauce was also scrumptious due to the butter in it, we wished we had some pasta to mix in with the sauce.

Next up was the shrimp.  There were some pats of butter the bottom of the tin pan and the shrimp were placed on top and the entire tin pan was placed on the grill.  Then once the one side was cooked we just flipped them over and then it was time to delve into the shrimp.  So delicious and so fresh.

Finally it was time for the eel.  She placed the raw eel pieces on the grill and once they started getting some char to them she dipped them in their spicy bbq sauce and then placed it back on the grill.  We ate the eel wrapped up in some lettuce with some of the banchan.  At this point though we were getting so full, but we pushed through.

I definitely suggest bringing a big group of friends so you can order more things and share.  We had 4 people and we had way more food than 4 people really needed.  The scallops and clams were definitely the star of the show here, but the eel was an experience in itself.  It was tasty and sweet, which you wouldn’t have expected.  If you make the trip, I definitely urge you to take advantage of the fresh seafood in Busan!

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  1. markvale2 says:

    Hey, great post. Loads of good food pics 🙂

    Did you go to Jagalchi and eat there as well?

    If you go to Gwangalli you can choose your seafood, they will bag it up for you to take to a tent and then they will cook it for you 🙂

    I have written in detail about it here: http://boundforbusan.com/2015/01/gwangalli-beac.html


    1. qtkitchen says:

      No we didn’t make it to Jagalchi, but there’s always next time! 🙂


  2. Wonderful! I went to Busan not long ago and should have tried to find a place like this. We ended up at a chain restaurant for shellfish and I know I would have been happier at this place.


    1. qtkitchen says:

      The seafood there was sooo good! But I’m sure the seafood at the place you went was fresh and tasty too 🙂 If you find yourself in Busan again, definitely give it a try. Thanks so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Winnie Tan says:

    hi! just want to check, how do we get to cheongsapo Suminine from haeundae using public transport?


    1. qtkitchen says:

      Hi Winnie! We didn’t take public transportation, we used a taxi. It wasn’t too expensive to take a taxi from where we were. enjoy your time in Busan!!


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