First Concert in S. Korea!

Concerts are a lot of fun back in the States, and when we heard that Bon Jovi was coming to Seoul for the first time in 20 years, we knew we had to be there!

So first off, let me say that buying concert tickets in South Korea is not an easy process. First off, they require you to have an alien registration card number and will most likely ask you to pay with a Korean credit card. We were lucky I already had these things set up.

So on to the concert. The start time was listed as 8:00 PM, and when I asked what time we should show up, we were told 5:30 PM as the doors opened at 6:00 PM and all the sections on the Floor were standing room only. We ended up arriving to the Sports Complex station at 6:30 PM and the outside of the stadium wasn’t packed.

We had hoped to pick up some fried chicken from guys on scooters, but we didn’t see any and decided to just go to KFC. We ended up with a picnic basket containing a fried chicken bucket, chicken nuggets, 2 chicken burgers, 2 sides and a soda. The box was enormous!

After we had our KFC, we stopped by the GS 25 for some beer. We found out that you can bring beer into the stadium, but the bottles can’t be taken into the actual concert area. Only beer in cups can be taken in and no food can be taken into the concert area either.

Once we walked  towards the stadium we were directed to show our tickets and get wristbands that let the staff know which section we were in.

Next we were instructed to go to get a “Get Drunk Wristband” which would allow us to buy beer inside the stadium.

Once inside we were surprised to find out that the concert started with Bon Jovi coming onstage at precisely 8:00 PM!!! Concerts in the States never start with the main act!


Overall we had a lot of fun, the Koreans love their music and they were really into the concert. The venue was good and the acoustics were decent. We had a lot of fun and look forward to checking out our next concert!

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  1. I love the beer buckets and KFC boxes.

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