Munich, Germany (Oktoberfest is in full swing!)

It’s that time of year again, yes it’s fall, and also it’s time for Oktoberfest!!!

Last year we decided that we needed to join in the festivities and booked our tickets to head to Munich for the real deal.

So this September we packed our Dirndl and Lederhosen and got ready to polka.

So we arrived late on Friday, September 25th, and I figured “what the heck we’ll wake up around 7:30-8:00 am and get some breakfast and see when people are heading out to the tents.” Well I was surprised to wake up and find a message from our friends saying that they had arrived to Oktoberfest around 6:30 am!!! We were obviously super late, so we quickly got ready and headed down to Theresienwiese (fairgrounds where the event is held).

When we arrived people were already lined up and ready to go.

We walked until we found the brewery our friends were at and got in line. As you can see, it’s a long one.

After about an hour of waiting we made it into the Biergarten. We weren’t allowed to go into the tent because they said it was full and that we had to wait until the Biergarten was full and there was space inside for us. This is why our friends got there at 6:30….

We waited another 2 hours before we were one of the lucky few who were permitted to enter into the tent. Inside the band was in full swing, the beer was flowing and there was a lot of cheering going on.

I spied some enormous pretzels and decided I needed one to round out my Oktoberfest experience.  
We also got some roasted pork (with crispy skin) yum!

So at the tent we were at the beers were 10.25 Euros per liter. Not too bad and food was pretty reasonable. The band played some traditional German music but also played some fun songs like Sweet Caroline.  It is definitely a more festive atmosphere inside of the tents, but if you want to enjoy the beer and food with friends it is not necessary to wait so long in lines and come so early.  You could definitely come later just to hang out in the Biergarten, but then of course you wouldn’t get the full experience of Oktoberfest.

Here are a couple of fun facts about the festival that I’ll share with you:

– Dirndls and Lederhosen are the clothes of the country people, those attending Oktoberfest in King Ludwig’s time would have come dressed in their finest clothes.  But now if you’re not wearing Dirndls and Lederhosen, you are in the minority.  Everybody dresses up and it is quite a festive atmosphere.

– Oktoberfest was originally held in October, however, It has slowly been moved up into September due to a variety of reasons. Some claim partially due to weather.

– And last bit of trivia is that the breweries that participate in Oktoberfest must be brewed within the city limits of Munich. This tradition has been maintained. Additionally, the brews of beer served at Oktoberfest are specially brewed for the event.  You won’t find these beers sold outside of the festival.

Overall it was a fun experience dressing up in costume and mixing and mingling with people from all over the world.  The event can really be whatever you’d like to make of it.  A lot of people go to drink lots of beers, but if drinking isn’t your thing there are all sorts of carnival rides, food, and vendors there as well.  The beer is the highlight of the festival, but there is really something for everyone.  If you have the chance, don’t miss it!

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