Kakao Friends

If you have ever been to South Korea before or you have Korean Friends, you have probably heard of Kakao. From the minute we arrived in South Korea, we were told we had to download Kakao in order to message our new found friends and even our realtor!

Kakao talk is a multi-platform texting app that allows iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry users to send and receive messages and phone calls for free. 93% of Smartphone users have this app!! I think that the main reason it is so popular actually is because of the adorable set of Kakao Friends emoticons that you can use when messaging people.


So what are these fasinating Kakao Friends that I speak of? Well say hello to:

Tube the Duck

Frodo the Dog

Neo the Cat

Muzi the Bunny

Con the Crocodile

Apeach the Peach

Jay-G the Bear

Each character has their own background story and are on the level of Mickey Mouse here in South Korea! They are incredibly famous and in addition to being stickers and emoticons in the Kakao app, these guys have their own Kakao Friends Store! I mean doesn’t everyone need a Frodo Golf Club cover? I know I kind of do…

The stores range from small popup locations in places such as the CGV Movie Theater at Ipark Mall to huge stores like the one at the COEX Mall. So if you love these little characters as much as all of South Korea does, you can pick up all sorts of fun things to accessorize every aspect of your life.

Kakao Talk is free to download and available in your smartphone App Store.

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