If you’re thinking Brunch, head to the Beastro (Seoul, South Korea)

****Update as of 09/01/2017 – Sadly the Beastro is closing its doors on 09/30/2017. It will be missed…****

Back home in the States, one of my favorite parts of the weekend was grabbing Brunch with my friends. There were so many options, and the occasional trip for bottomless mimosas and bloody marys was a time honored tradition. Well to our dismay, Brunch is not as well known or popular a meal here in Korea. We soon discovered that even finding a place that offers good breakfast food was not simple, let alone a place that offered lunch options at the same time and had good drinks!

We had heard good things about The Beastro, but I honestly didn’t have high expectations based on previous experiences with other restaurants. However, we were already near Hongdae, so we decided to give it a shot.

After eating at The Beastro, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The food, the service, and the decor are definitely refreshing and now this is one of my favorite restaurants.

The Beastro

358-32 Seogyo-dong, 2nd Floor, Mapo-gu, Seoul) (2 층, 358-32 서교동, 마포구 서울특별시)

Since that fateful first trip we have gone back three times and introduced many friends to this restaurant. So far everything on the menu has been delicious and everyone leaves with happy and full tummies. The staff here speaks Korean as well as perfect English and they even give you the option of how you would like your eggs cooked! (finding a restaurant that knows what “over medium” means is akin to finding a purple unicorn in Korea)

Although we haven’t had a meal that we didn’t like, their 24 Hour Hanger Steak (₩25,000) is definitely the main attraction. It comes with a delightfully delicious onion mustard gravy and is sous vided to perfection. And on the side you get perfectly fried parmesan fries topped with some chimichurri (which is usually finely chopped parsley, garlic, oregano in oil).

The Hanger Steak is so good that it makes an encore appearance on the menu and is included in their Roast Beef and Brie sandwich (₩12,000). The sandwich is a more economical way to try the steak, but I wouldn’t call it a compromise. The bread is fantastic and the flavors of each item complement each other wonderfully. This is one of Scott’s go-to orders (along with an extra spicy Bloody Mary!)

Another one of Scott’s favorite dishes is the Biscuits and Gravy (₩13,000). It comes with two of fluffy homemade biscuits, sage sausage gravy, house cured bacon (mmmm), and two eggs ANY STYLE! Normally neither Scott or I are huge biscuits and gravy fans, but the flavors in the Beastro’s rendition is really tasty.

Don’t miss the Fried Chicken and Caesar (₩15,000). The Fried chicken has a light but crispy crust and is covered in a hot honey sauce. I also am a huge fan of their Caesar Salad, their homemade dressing has just the right amount of tang.

Another crowd favorite is the Smoked Salmon Biscuit Benedict (₩15,000). They use house-cured smoked salmon and once again the eggs are cooked (or should I say poached) to perfection. They sit atop a homemade biscuit and is all topped off with a delicious hollandaise sauce. And the Caesar Salad makes another appearance!

Finally, Scott wouldn’t let me post without mentioning the brunch cocktails. This is a vital component of Brunch and really is what makes Brunch, Brunch (otherwise it is just late breakfast!). Scott has been disappointed multiple times when he tried to order a Bloody Mary for Brunch, only to be met with an apology that they do not have that on the menu. Well not here! He was very happy to not only see it on the menu, but to be able to order a spicy one! They have the classics (like Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and Moscow Mules) as well as some unique offerings (such as a Aperol Spritz, Rumchata, and Piss & Vinegar!). All of the cocktails are handcrafted and tasty.

I could literally just about go through the whole menu, but as you can tell we really like The Beastro. So I’ll save you some reading and tell you to just go already! We haven’t tried out their dinner menu yet, but we will and will definitely keep you posted!

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