Adventure to Everland

Korea has 2 well known theme parks, Everland and Lotte World. I am not a huge fan of theme parks, and honestly rides make me nauseous! But we found out that Everland was holding a Tulip Festival and I also found a coupon on Trazy selling tickets for only $29.50 per person (this was the best deal that I found, the regular price is $48 per person).  At that price, we figured we would go and give it a shot!

We decided to have a leisurely morning, and left our house about 8 AM and it took us about ome hour from our house in Yongsan-gu in Seoul.  We arrived around 9 AM and followed the signs to the theme park. Take note that as the parking lots fill up, the staff redirects you to a new parking lot so you may feel like you’re driving around for a while.  Once you park, you will walk over to the Shuttle Bus Pavillion.

Once the shuttle bus arrives, get on and you’ll be there shortly!

And here we are, the happiest place in Korea! We were super lucky that there weren’t a ton of people at the park that day.  I would definitely avoid the park on any Korean Holiday weekend.  You can see a list of Korean holidays here.

We found out that this is the 40th anniversary of the park being open.

As you see the park is pretty large, and they break the park up into 5 different areas: Global Fair, American Adventure,  Magic Land, European Adveture, Zoo Topia.  Let me just preface that American Adventure really isn’t American.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 8.18.00 PM

Zootopia has a lot of animal exhibits, which I think is a fun add on to all the rides.  The best part for me was visiting the 2 new pandas from China that recently arrived to the theme park in April.

They also have a petting zoo area, with animals such as these very stylish sheep!

Zoo Topia also offers a few shows like the Sea Lion Performance and Treasure Island featuring this fun and friendly pirate. Note that the shows are in Korean.

There are also have a variety of animal “safari” rides. Safari World just has you ride a bus and you look at the big cats and a few other animals. The best part of the ride was getting to ride around in a giant tiger bus!

You can see a video of Safari World here

Our favorite was the Lost Valley ride, you go in an amphibious vehicle that takes you to see some animals and then you float to the next section of the exhibit. I even got a close encounter with a giraffe!

You can see a video of the Lost Valley ride here

Everland offers a variety of rides from animal rides to roller coasters.

The Garden Terrace located in the European Adventure part of the park is where the majority of the tulip landscapes were. I felt they did an amazing job with the the tulip exhibits.

Everland has quite a few food options, from burgers to Chinese to Italian. I didn’t really eat anything that was very exciting.  We saw a lot of families who brought their own snacks, so that’s always an option.

On our way out we saw the Hologram Theater and were just in time for the Hologram K-pop performance featuring G-Dragon.  Some of you might be wondering what a Hologram concert is, well we were curious too! So we decided to purchase a ticket (only 3,000 won) and we went in.

When you first enter they direct you towards a photo booth that takes you pictures and then they direct you to the space in front of the stage.  The concert started and there are screens on 3 sides of you, so it’s really a full concert experience.

Then the holograms come on stage and start dancing.  At one point they asked one of the audience members to participate and G-Dragon serenaded her for a song!

By the time you’re ready to leave the park, you will be happy to see this people mover. Hop on and you’ll be on your way out!

Right now Everland is featuring the Rose Festival which will start 5/9 and will go until 6/15. I definitely think that the park was a good experience and we enjoyed our time there.

To see a video of our full day at Everland check out this video!


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