D’Maris Buffet (Seoul, South Korea)

**Update as of 02/14/2018 – this buffet has changed to Marincanto, although I have not been since the changeover, I have heard the buffet is similar to before**

So you may have read my post of our visit to Todai buffet in Myeongdong.  Well I had heard from a few friends that they found another buffet that had a nice vibe and boasts over 250 different types of food. The restaurant is called D’Maris and is located over in the Yongsan Electronics Market.  We rarely go over to the Electronics market, so we had no idea this restaurant was over there, but we were glad to find out about it!

So first things first, how do we get there?!D’Maris

74 Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (서울시 용산구 청파로 74, 5층 (한강로 3가 용산 전자랜드))

(They also have a location in Gangnam and other areas)

You can subway to Yongsan station and then walk out of the station (which is the 3rd floor) and walk towards the Shilla Duty Free, then you will see a path to the back right of the building and that will take you to tunnel over the railroad tracks and towards the Electronics Market.  Then walk towards this big building (the restaurant is inside). There is also parking here, so you can drive and the restaurant will provide a voucher for 2.5 hours or free parking (not a bad deal at all).

Enter the building and follow the signs to the elevators to get to the 5th Floor.

Once you get to the 5th Floor you will see the Lotte Cinemas

And there is the restaurant!

Just go to the host stand and they will get you seated.  We went at lunchtime on a Sunday, so we had zero trouble getting seated.

Prices are:


Adult Lunch: 29,700 won / Child Lunch: (age 8-13) 23,100 won, (age 3-7) 9,900

Adult Dinner: 39,600 won / Child Dinner: (age 8-13) 23,100 won, (age 3-7) 9,900

Weekends and Holidays:

Adult Lunch: 39,600 won / Child Lunch: (age 8-13) 23,100 won, (age 3-7) 9,900

Adult Dinner: 39,600 won / (age 8-13) 23,100 won, (age 3-7) 9,900

Here is the waiting area, it’s so swanky.

When we sat down, I saw this placement, you know that the buffet is HUGE when you need to print a map of the restaurant onto the placemat.

They also have a sinks for you to wash up if you go crazy with the crab legs, or if you just want to clean up before the feeding frenzy.

And lockers for your belongings if you don’t want to wait for your friends to come back to the table.

Here are all of the pictures of the buffet stations.  Don’t be intimidated, just make sure you come here ready to eat!

  • Bakery
  • Self BBQ
  • Buttumak
  • Korean
  • Sashimi
  • Sushi/Rolls
  • Omakase
  • Tempura
  • Mongolian BBQ
  • Pizza/Pasta
  • Chinese
  • Western
  • Salad
  • Fresh Juice
  • Appetizer
  • Dessert
  • Fruits

I would say the quality of the food was pretty high.  I enjoyed all the fresh fish, crab legs, and the different meats for the DIY Korean BBQ.  Some of the cooked foods weren’t that tasty and I wouldn’t waste stomach room on them.  But I feel like no matter what you like to eat you will find plenty to fill your tummy at D’Maris.  Try them out and let me know what you think!

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