Fun and Sun in Boracay, Philippines

So I think I gushed enough about how much we enjoyed our stay at the Monaco Suites de Boracay in my last post. Well I want to share with you some of the other things we did and ate while in Boracay!

Our resort offered a free shuttle that departed every hour to D’mall. D’mall is basically what it sounds like, a big outdoor shopping and dining area which is located on the other side of the island where the white sand beaches are (it took about 15 minutes to get there from our resort).

The area by the white beaches is extremely touristy, but also really “happening.” This is where you’ll want to be if you’re into a lot of people and nightlife.

We enjoyed a long walk on the beach and had fun getting a drink while doing  some people watching. If you’re interested in doing some shopping, it is a safe area to do so. There are a ton of roaming vendors offering everything from sunglasses, hats, hair braiding to knives.

We even watched some people playing soccer and sand volleyball.

The sand is definitely white, but I will let you know that parts of the beach are overrun with what i’m guessing is algae.  Many of the areas in Station 2 were particularly affected. I was definitely surprised by this.

So now that I’ve told you about the beach and some of the things you can do by the beach, let’s get on to more important things….like where to eat!

One of my favorite things in the world are fresh fruit shakes. My love of fruit shakes started when I visited Taiwan as a child and had an ice cold papaya shake; to this day it is still one of my absolute favorites!!! Well the Philippines definitely has shakes on every corner, but I’m always wary of some vendors as clean ice is definitely important.  One of our first days in Boracay, we were walking down the beach and I saw a ton of people with multiple shakes in what looked like water bottles, so this of course piqued my interest. I saw that the bottle said Jonah’s Fruitshake and Snack Bar, so I was determined to find this place. A little walk down the beach to Station 1 and we found Jonah’s and it was definitely packed. We ordered our shakes (the shakes range from 100-120 pesos) and hung out in the open air tables. I also went and ordered a hot dog dipped in a sweet spicy sauce (for 40 pesos) from the girl BBQing in front. Definitely worth dropping in here for something nice and cold.

If you are actually inside the entrance to d’mall and getting hungry, I would try the Lemon Cafe. The place has a very relaxed vibe and offers soups, sandwiches, salads and some entrees.  The food was pretty tasty, but don’t expect huge portions. I felt the taste and quality made up for it, and the prices were reasonable (menu is posted right in front of the restaurant). The shakes are good here as well.

We also ventured outside the d’mall complex. If you exit out of the main d’mall entrance (by the Budget Mart) and go right (you will pass a McDonalds and Samsung store) and in the small alley to the right you should see Tilapia N Chips.  This is a cute little place to get fish and chips for cheap and enjoy some ice cold air conditioning.  We ordered the 99 peso special, which included a sweet tea, a large piece of fish and a scoop of rice.

As you continue down the little alley where Tilapia N Chips is, you can also see a bunch of fruit vendors.  They are way cheaper than the Budget Mart or any of the other grocery stores in that area.  Mangoes were only 80 pesos/kilo (compared to 120 pesos/kilo at the grocery store) and mangosteen was 240 pesos a kilo (compared to 450 pesos/kilo at the grocery store). It is also where the delicious Coco Mama is located.  I was instantly intrigued when I saw people eating ice cream out of a coconut.  Yes I am really easily sold on things, and I didn’t have high expectations.  But when I took my first bite with the delicious coconut ice cream, coconut shavings, rice cooked in coconut milk, and the bits of fried rice puffs….I was really really happy! It was such an awesome combo.  Perfectly refreshing, just the right amount of sweetness and oh so good and for only 95 pesos! I had to stop myself from going back for seconds.

So last, but not least is the best meal we had in Boracay, which was at Mayas Restaurant.  The restaurant is part of Jony’s Beach resort and faces right on the water and is  right at the start of station 1. We arrived to the restaurant about 5:30 PM and were able to get one of the tables on the beach (we wanted to be front and center for the sunset). They also offer 2 for 1 drinks starting at 5, and their drinks were yummmmy! I ordered a papaya and lemon shake and I was not disappointed. I couldn’t make up my mind, so I ordered a little bit of everything, oysters, Mahi fish tacos, fish and chips, and a tuna poke. I was determined to get my fill of seafood! Everything was fresh and the ambience of sitting on the beach was exactly what we were looking for. I wish we had found Mayas earlier, so that we could have had another meal there.

While we dined we had the company of our four legged friend – Boogie and a front row view of the beautiful sunset.

So to be honest, we didn’t really get out and party much on our trip, getting our beauty sleep was our main priority, but on our first night there we happened upon a Hookah bar on the beach. We were drawn in by the group of women flinging around a flaming ball on a chain to the rhythm of the music! The bar was right in front of Gasthof Cafe and the show went from 730 PM to 12 AM.  We actually had a great time watching the show. The performers will even grab you and take video and pictures while they throw the fire balls around you (I was terrified). You can really feel the heat coming from the fire balls.  One of the performers also really enjoyed Scott and was trying to steal him from me! I had to tell her to go get her own!

Station 1, 2 and 3 definitely have a lot of different things to offer, so most likely you will be able to find something for everyone.  But again, you will see a lot of people, and the locals will be trying to sell you on massage, hair braiding, tours, products and more.  So definitely be prepared for all that.  If you want to stay away from all of this, definitely don’t choose a hotel in this area, opt for something a little more out of the way.  Either way, enjoy the island and take in the experience!


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