A little taste of home at Tampa Sandwich Bar (Seoul, South Korea)

I grew up in Florida, more specifically the Tampa Bay Area. So let’s just say I’ve had my share of Cuban sandwiches. They are a quick, delicious and affordable meal that leaves you satisfied for sure.

A few months ago a friend of mine sent me an article telling me about Tampa Sandwich Bar, which is a restaurant in Seoul that seeks to introduce this tasty food to South Korea. The restaurant is located in Hongdae, which is near Hongik University and full of lots of restaurants, bars, and clubs.  We finally managed to make some time to head out there and give the restaurant a try. Here’s how our visit went!

Tampa Sandwich Bar

12 Donggyo-ro 38 gil, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea (서울시 마포구 동교로 38길 12 지층)

(If coming by subway, take it to Hongik University Station and then use exit #3)

The restaurant is festively painted and has quite a few Florida touches including some items from Cigar City Brewing. The funny thing is that the owners have never been to Tampa, ever!

The restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches and fries.

In addition to a Tampa Cuban; they offer a Miami Cuban. The only difference was that the Tampa Cuban has salami and the Miami Cuban has pickles. The restaurant also gives you the choice of ciabatta bread or a baguette, but as we Floridians all know, it’s not a Cuban sandwich unless it’s on a baguette and the bread has to be pressed to perfection giving it that wonderful crunch in every bite. Now to find out how this sandwich compares to the real thing!

Tampa Cuban Sandwich
Miami Cuban Sandwich

Here they are! I must say that the restaurant definitely got a good crust in the bread and the pork inside was pretty good. They even said the ham is US ham. The sandwiches are smaller than I’m used to, but I was full from the portion. The sandwiches also came with some sweet potato chips (they were just ok) and some pickles (you can’t order anything in Korea without it coming with pickles, even pizza….).

We also had a side of sweet potato fries, but they were oven baked, and more like baked potato sticks.  We have heard good things about their regular fries, so guess we’ll have to try those next time.

Overall it was a nice taste of home and I would definitely come back here the next time I’m in the area. Keep up the good work Tampa Sandwich Bar!

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