Bistopping (Seoul, South Korea)

Bistopping is a shop that makes custom ice cream cones and special designs that make your ice cream not only fun, but delicious. When I first learned of the shop, I was super excited to go, it’s not really hard to twist my arm when it comes to sweets and adorable things.


Address: 서울특별시 서초구 신반포로47길 68
Phone: 07-0779-2049
Hours of Operation: Everyday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Take exit 4 of Sinsa Station and walk straight until you see a KEB Bank, then make a right.  Then walk straight, down the hill, until you see a GS25 and make a left and you will find the shop on your left.

We were surprised how small the shop is, it’s really tiny, only a couple tables inside and a couple tables outside. I’ve heard it can get busy, I’m guessing during those times, people just have to take their goodies to go?  Lucky for us, there were only a couple of customers when we arrived, so we got a nice table outside and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we have been having lately!

After you’ve stopped gawking at all the adorable cones in the window, you will need to make your way inside and the staff will ask you to make your selection. Trust me, there are so many choices, it’s really hard!

Step 1. Pick one of the 3 different ice creams, I really enjoyed the yogurt (it has a strong tart flavor) and Scott really liked the chocolate (which was more soft serve ice cream style).  We didn’t get to try the milk, but it looked like it was soft serve ice cream style as well.

Step 2.  They have a lot of pictures of flavor combinations on the back side of the door, but if you want to make your own, just tell them what you want.

Step 3. Pick your cone and/or ice cream decorations. They have so many different cones to pick from, dipped in white chocolate or milk chocolate and decorated with cereal, pretzels, cookies, and more.  They are also numbered for your convenience.

I love all of the little “toppings” for the ice cream, so cute!  The decorations are located in the case to the right of the register and are made with shortbread and/or chocolate.

Look at this cookie bling! Better than a ring pop for sure!

Keep in mind that each topping is priced differently, I know it’s hard not to go overboard!

Here is what we ended up paying for our tasty creations:

Chocolate cone with chocolate star in a cup: 5,500₩
Yogurt ice cream with crown cookie in a topping cone: 7,300₩

As I said before, the ice cream was really tasty.  I enjoyed the cookie toppings too and Scott had no complaints about his chocolate star.  I wish I lived closer, so I could come by to just have the yogurt ice cream!

I was expecting our treat to be more about the cuteness of the ice cream rather than the quality and taste of treats.  I was pleasantly surprised and will say that it is worth the trip even just for a basic cone, the quality is that good (and the basic cone is much easier on the wallet)!  But lets be honest, once you’re there you are going to want to go crazy with all the cute toppings!

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