S. Korea Presidential Election

South Korea has been making big headlines in recent news for the impeachment of its President Park Geun-hye and the uncertainty involving it’s neighbor to the north.  However, you may not have heard, that on May 9, 2017, South Korea will holding a special election and electing its new President.  There are 15 candidates who are running, and as we have been nearing the election, Scott and I have gotten to see some pretty interesting campaigning tactics around Seoul.

One of the most interesting thing about the campaigning process is that all the candidates are assigned a number and a color! I guess it make it  easier to remember? Also, we have been wondering how do you get assigned your number? Is it based on the initial polls? Also interesting, is that they don’t use modest posters like I’m used to seeing in the U.S., they have full fledged banners, posted everywhere.

Candidate #6 even has a cute little cartoon bear, campaigning alongside him.

We’ve also been seeing lots of vehicles cruising around with campaign posters.

But not all campaign vehicles are made equal.  Some candidates have these trucks which are outfitted with a stage and LCD screen where volunteers wave, encourage pedestrians to vote for their candidates, and sometimes just dance!

Here’s a truck full of candidate #3 supporters.

​The campaign trail doesn’t just end on the streets, you’ll also see the supporters making their rounds on bicycles!

These supporters were happily waving and greeting all the other cyclists and people out for a stroll at Hangang Park.

We are expecting to see the campaigns out in full force as we near election day and will keep you updated with any new and exciting tactics.  Regardless of how they get there, it will be very interesting to see who will be elected to be the 19th President of South Korea under these extenuating circumstances.

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