Lie Lie Lie (Seoul, S. Korea)

Scott can attest to the fact that I am not a sandwich lover. I never asked my parents to send me to school with a sandwich nor do I often order them when I go out to eat. For the most part I just don’t think sandwiches have that much flavor.

However, my distaste for the everyday sandwich does not transfer over to the banh mi. Bahn mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that is known for “sandwiching” a variety of awesome flavors into one little package. What’s not to love about a crunchy baguette filled with delicious meat, tangy pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, and finished with tasty condiments? If you’re a bahn mi lover like me then keep reading!

Since moving to Korea, I have only seen a few places that offer the sandwich, but the bread and flavor just has not been there. But in comes Lie Lie Lie to the rescue! Now my bahn mi cravings are no more.

Lie Lie Lie

42 Donggyo-ro 46-gil, Mapo-gu, Yeonnamdong, Seoul (마포구 동교로46길 42)
Phone: 010-2880-7973

Come out of Hongik University Station and take exit 3 and cross the street.

We visited the location in Yeonnam, just a little ways from Hongdae and the restaurant is literally a small hole in the wall.  There is no seating inside of the store, so be prepared to take your bahn mi and go or scarf it down in the alley like we did.

As soon as I walked inside, I saw trays on trays of freshly baked baguettes, which was a good sign.

Their menu is very limited, offering only 4 different types of sandwiches, but I’m okay with that.

Each sandwich is priced at ₩5,500 and they also offer some drink options.

I selected the Spicy Pork Bahn Mi and patiently waited for my sandwich. The sandwich was wrapped appropriately in a small brown bag, which I quickly unfurled to get to the sandwich.

At first glance, I didn’t see a lot of filling and was definitely a little worried, but once i bit into the sandwich, I was very very happy. Perfectly crunchy on the outside, soft inside, tasty ingredients.

Thanks for hitting the mark and making my tummy happy, that ain’t no Lie Lie Lie (sorry I couldn’t resist)! I just wish it was closer to my house.



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