Do baby soft feet seem a-peeling to you? (trying Tony Moly – Shiny Foot)

In the land of abundant beauty products, it’s no wonder you’re bound to find some very quirky and unique items here in Korea that we just don’t have in the States (although almost everything is available online these days, did someone say Amazon?!). The beauty obsessed not only ensure that they have all the balms, lotion, and masks for the perfect face or body, but even the lowly feet get more attention than the normal pedicure treatment.  There’s a reason that “foot peels” are apparently all the rage in Korea and Japan. I mean who doesn’t like super smooth feet?

To see what all the fuss is about, I decided to try the Tony Moly “Shiny Foot.”  It’s really affordable, only 10,000 won and I got a 1+1 deal (aka buy one get one free).  Using the foot peel is pretty simple.

Just follow these steps:

1. Soak your feet in water

2. Put on your booties and soak your feet in the peeling liquid

3. Wait for the peeling to start!

Simple as that!  Inside each kit you get: 2 booties, 2 packets of super peeling liquid, and a small packet of foot cream.

From reading some others experiences they stated that soaking your feet in warm water before soaking in the peel helped the absorption of the peeling liquid, so I soaked for about 15 minutes in a large bowl.  After that I put on the booties.  The booties were a little snug (and I’m a US size 9-9.5).

Open up the peeling liquid and then pour them into the booties.

Next tie up the booties and squish the liquid around to make sure it coats your whole foot.


from this point on!!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I’m serious!!



Day 1: So here are my feet before this whole process.  I wear a lot of heels, so i have some pretty serious callouses.  My heels are also pretty cracked and dry.

Day 4:  You can see my skin is getting really dry and some areas are starting to peel.  The main thing you have to remember is that you should NOT forcibly peel any of the skin on your feet, that will hurt your feet.

Day 7:  OMG….the skin is really peeling, I’m starting to know what a snake goes through during molting… I have had to cease all wearing of shoes that don’t totally envelope my feet.  No one needs to see my molting…

Day 9:  My callouses are coming off in little sheets, the skin underneath is pretty soft.

Day 17: There was a lot of peeling going on between Day 7 and 17.  Day 17 was the first real day that I saw the molting cease.

I thought my feet were a lot smoother after the peel, particularly my heels.  I am pretty regular with my pedicures, but I find that my heels just never get smooth even with regular pedicures.  I did find that even though the peel removed my callouses, they weren’t 100% gone, more like 75%, and when as I started wearing my heels again, they  have redeveloped.  I think the best time to do the foot peel is during the winter, when your feet are forcibly locked away from sight and that will give you nice smooth feet perfect for the sandals of Spring.  I would recommend giving it a try and enjoy your own foot peeling adventure!

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  1. Nidha says:

    Wow that really made a difference. Check out my blog

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    1. qtkitchen says:

      Thank For checking out my blog Nidha. You’ve got great fashion sense!


      1. Nidha says:

        Aww Thank you so much !


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