Samgak Pizza (Namyeong, Seoul, South Korea)

Next up on our list of places to eat on “Passion Street” or “Passion Island” is Samgak Pizza.   As the sign in their window states, “pizza is the best triangle in the world,” and having a place downstairs from our house is awesome for those non-cooking nights!

Samgak Pizza Map

Samgak Pizza (삼각핏자)
43-23, Wonhyoro 1(iI)-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (서울시 용산구 원효로1가 43-23)
Phone: 02-707-3874
Hours: 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Like Dall Pasta, we have walked by this pizza place many a time, they tout pizza and craft beer, all things that Scott and I love, but we just were scared of disappointment.  You may be thinking, Connie you’re being a little over dramatic about pizza….I mean really what could go that wrong with pizza…right? Well, wrong…after living here in South Korea for almost 3 years, this is what could happen:

  1. Soggy crust or cardboard like crust
  2. Strange toppings, I’m talking squid or corn…
  3. Cheese that doesn’t melt….yes apparently it is possible….
  4. Mayonnaise drizzled all over the top of the pizza…..seriously

Okay, i’m going to stop now…but we went against our greatest fears and decided again to be adventurous and give a couple slices a try (yes, they actually sell by the slice!).  I figured if it was terrible, we wasted a few bucks and we could always go to a Korean BBQ restaurant down the street to get an actual meal.  So with low expectations in mind, we headed in.

The restaurant mainly offers Brooklyn Brewery (which they have a few kinds on tap), but they do have a decent selection of other beers in the bottle.  There are only 4 types of pizza: cheese, pepperoni, hawaiian and spicy chicken and they also have mac ‘n cheese and fries.

When we asked what kind of slices were available, they showed us a pizza that was half cheese and half pepperoni and we ordered one slice of each (₩4,000 – Cheese Slice, ₩4,500 – Pepperoni Slice).  They went ahead and put the slices into the oven to heat up and we took a seat.  I was pretty excited because I saw parmesan and crushed red pepper flake shakers, let me tell you, finding crushed red pepper flakes in Korea at a pizza place can be a struggle.  I’ve actually considered carrying a small shaker in my purse at times….Scott and I love putting a little dash on pizza and pasta.

So back to the food….the pizza came out on paper plates, which I actually thought was nice “American” touch.  They even topped the pizza with a sprinkle of freshly grated parmesan, which was a nice surprise.

Then came the moment of truth, the first bite, and Scott and I both thought the pizza was actually good! The ratio of all of the ingredients was pretty spot on (although it is light on the sauce) and we actually wanted to get more slices.

A word of warning on the spicy chicken, it is has bits of jalapeño on it, and is actually pretty spicy, I was surprised.

We also had the chance to try the Mac ‘n cheese (₩6,500), which comes in a small tin foil pan. I felt that the Mac ‘n cheese was a little bland, but you can also add toppings to it, maybe next time we will try it with a topping and see how it is.

As for the Cajun fries (₩6,000), they were just OK.  I would have preferred more seasoning on them, but they were tasty enough.

We will be coming back again to get a whole pie for sure (just make sure you are aware it takes about 20 minutes if you order a whole pizza), it beats paying shuttle delivery to bring us pizza from Itaewon! The last time we were there, we saw some wings behind the counter (but wings are not on the menu), so we will have to ask next time.

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