Sticky Ricky’s (Namyeong, Seoul, South Korea)

I’ve got a new sweetie and his name is Sticky Ricky.

On the other side of Sookmyung University Station, Sticky Ricky has been serving homemade ice cream for about 4 months.  The ice cream is made in a traditional American style and offers some creative flavors that are super creamy, sticky and delicious! Since it’s a little walk from my house, that means I’m getting exercise and can reward myself more frequently right?

Sticky Ricky’s (스티키리키)
28 Duteopbawi-ro 1-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 용산구 두텁바위로1길 28 (갈월동))
Phone: 010 3527 0884
Hours of Operation: Thursday – Sunday, 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Directions: Take exit 2 of Sookmyung University Station and walk straight until you get to the first stoplight (there will be a CU Convenience store across the street) and make a left, you will then make a right at the first alleyway and you will see the store on the right).

So here is Sticky Ricky himself…. well really his name is Jay…. He runs the shop from Thursday-Sunday and concocts some interesting flavors such as Korean Grape and Gochujang Chocolate (which does have a slight burn when at the end, but the chocolate flavor is very rich), which are the perfect melding of Korean and American that brings the alliance to new heights! He offers some fun flavors like Ritz Cracker Peanutbutter Swirl and seasonal flavors.  We were able to try one of the first flavors of fall….Apple Cinnamon….Scott is all over anything cinnamon and soon the scoop was no more. One scoop will set you back ₩4,000, a double ₩6,000 and a triple ₩8,000. So my recommendation is grab a friend and share some ice cream!

While we were there we got a short explanation of how the ice creams are created. Sticky Ricky’s goes by the American traditional ice cream making rules which calls for at least 10% butterfat along with cream (and he uses no eggs). He then incorporates his flavors by steeping them in the cream and then the rest is some frozen magic.

We were there only a short time and he had a steady stream of customers, and after tasting the ice cream, I can see why.  Don’t forget bout the frequent buyer card; after 10 purchases you get a double for free!  Keep working those awesome flavors Sticky Ricky and I am sure I’ll be seeing you soon!

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