Jinju Lantern Festival (Jinju, South Korea)

The 2017 Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival (진주 남강유등축제) is coming up again from October 1 to October 15.

We visited last year and definitely were surprised by the number and variety of the lanterns. Jinju really means business when it comes to this festival! If you’re looking for something to do this weekend or next, I would definitely recommend that you make the visit!

2016_10 Jinju 00032

We had decided to drive down from Seoul and spent one night in Jinju and one night in Jeonju (to break up the drive back to Seoul). In Jinju we booked a small pension (motel) called the Greece Motel via Agoda.com. The room was very affordable and located within walking distance of the Namgang River where all the lanterns are.

2016_10 Jinju 00010

When we arrived, we were quick to suspect this was an old love motel. What do you think?!

2016_10 Jinju 00009

Nonetheless the room was clean enough and totally fine for a one night stay. Parking was also free.  We could see the river from our room and immediately set out after check-in towards the river to explore the festival. As soon as we hit the river bank we ended up at a bunch of tents and some “sets” that were apparently there for the Korea Drama Festival.

_10-07-2016_ -7JINJU_10-07-2016_ -21JINJU

There are some food vendors in the festival area, it’s a festival must to make a pitstop and grab some chicken on a stick!

_10-07-2016_ -24JINJU

Once we reached the Lantern Festival area, we stopped at the ticket booth to pay the ₩10,000 fee for Adults (₩5,000 fee for Children ages 7-18 ) to enter the lantern area.

As you can see from the map, the Lantern Festival is quite expansive!!

_10-07-2016_ -36JINJU

They have lanterns on the bank of the river as well as in the river.  Each lantern cluster represents different companies, other festivals around Korea, fairy tales and more.

2016_10 Jinju 00015_10-07-2016_ -51JINJU

After you see the lanterns on the water you can go up to the Jinjuseong Fortress and see the lanterns that have been set up to reenact a battle that took place there. The battle lanterns were actually my favorite, they were full size and I was shocked how well done this was!

_10-07-2016_ -65JINJU_10-07-2016_ -86JINJU2016_10 Jinju 000202016_10 Jinju 00021

This lantern was actually moving!!

2016_10 Jinju 00023

If you are looking for something fun to do outside of Seoul, I highly recommend checking out these incredible lanterns, especially at night. There’s something even more magical when the lanterns are all lit up. Enjoy!!


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