Tempur Cinema (Seoul, South Korea)

The CGV Movie theater at iPark Mall at Yongsan Station recently underwent a full renovation.  I was surprised as I thought the existing theaters were already pretty state of the art, but apparently I had no idea what they had in store for us!

CGV Entrance

With these renovations, they added a ton of new theaters featuring IMAX, 4D, and the new ScreenX which is a 270 degree panoramic screen.  Additionally, they improved their food options and have also added a cafe and pub.

In addition to all these high tech cinemas, they have added a luxury theater section containing the “Gold Class,” “Cine de Chef,” and “Tempur® Cinema.” For those of you who are concerned about the language the movie is played in, don’t worry they play movies in English in these theaters as well.

The Tempur® Cinema is a smaller theater as you can see from the theater layout below.

Inside the Tempur® Cinema, instead of seats, each person gets their own Tempur® lounger. Do keep in mind that you must buy the seats in sets of 2, as they don’t sell single seats because the loungers are grouped in sets of two in each partitioned area. I assume this is to ensure that you don’t have to cozy up to a stranger. LOL

Once you enter the luxury theater section you can purchase your tickets at the main counter, the cost is ₩45,000 (per person) and includes a non-alcoholic beverage and a cookie.

The counter area is also where you check in when it is your movie time and the staff will escort you to your seats! It’s very nice!

CGV Tempur Cinema

The seats are designed so you have some privacy, and it really is quite comfy.  Each lounger has a remote to adjust the seat to your desired settings as well as a blanket if you get chilly. It’s really almost like watching from home, but with a movie theater size screen! I enjoyed it a lot more than I originally thought I would.


They have pretty much thought of everything in your private area, from call buttons (so you can order food and drink) to phone chargers at the ready.


Here’s a video of our experience at the new CGV and the interior of the Tempur Cinema!

We had a fun experience and would recommend going for a special date night or relaxing excursion.  The hefty price tag definitely will keep most from visiting regularly, but it is a nice treat or date night experience!

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