Da Chae ( Dongbinggo-dong, Seoul, South Korea)

If you are exploring Korean food and want to try something really delicious, you need to try Bulgogi.

Bulgogi meat is a lot like the thinly sliced meat you would find in a Philly Cheesesteak, but instead of topped with cheese wiz, it’s marinated in a very light sweet sauce. You definitely have to try having it cooked right at your table and served piping hot.

We were introduced to this restaurant by some of Scott’s coworkers. I mean gotta eat with locals to find the best spots right?!Da Chae (자채)

서울시 용산구 동빙고동 7-2 용산풀르지오 파크타운 1 층
Phone: 02-792-9233

The restaurant has a wide variety of food, not just bulgogi, so you’re sure to find something for everyone. We really love the bulgogi though, but want to try the kimchi jjigae next time too. The bulgogi set is ₩15,000 per person (minimum 2 people) and comes with soup, steamed egg and a variety of side dishes.

After you order they’ll bring you a large pot, chock full of bulgogi, veggies and noodles. With your meal comes a variety of banchan (side dishes) that will vary by day. You’ll also get a bamboo basket, which you’ll want to take and fill up with a variety of beautiful veggies to wrap up your tasty bulgogi.  When you see their vegetable section, you will know why this place is called “Big Vegetable” in Korean.  Don’t forget to pick up some rice too, they offer white, brown, or barley; all of them are tasty.

As you sit at your table watching the bulgogi simmering away, the juices bubbling up and the delicious scents waft towards, you, don’t forget to give the meat and noodles some prodding. I mean you are responsible for cooking your own food after all.  While you’re waiting for your food to finish cooking, snack on the delicious banchan which makes for a great appetizer. We nibbled on some delicious japchae – Korea’s version of pasta, veggies sautéed in sesame oil, various kimchi and some sautéed potatoes. We were brought a gaeranjjim and a dwenjangjjigae as well and I LOVE both of these “soups”.  They are super simplistic, but super tasty. I particularly enjoy the dwenjangjjigae (Korean miso soup) here because they add a little bit of the red pepper powder, giving it just a little hint of heat.

I guarantee that you will leave the restaurant stuffed to the gills. I had to make Scott walk around with me in the market next door to work off some of the fullness. That’s where I decided to try the corn on the cob ice cream!

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