The Ups and Downs of Microblading

Laying under bright lights, listing to the scraping of the needles against my skin, I was wondering what the heck is happening up there and that’s when the burning began…

I’m definitely not into the idea of suffering for beauty, honestly most days brushing my hair is the most I do to beautify. But, I had heard and seen a lot of people getting microblading and I know that whenever I do my brows, it always makes me look more put together. I was intrigued that I could have that same look with a microblading treatment. As you can see, I have pretty light eyebrows and they aren’t super even.

I did quite a bit of research and found out that microblading lasts about 1 year (sometimes more) and is basically doing a semipermanent tattoo on your eyebrows. Now the word tattoo instantly puts me into a cold sweat, I’m not a fan of needles and I whine usually like a little kid whenever I go to the doctor and have to have my blood drawn. So the idea of voluntarily going and being stabbed over and over didn’t seem great. On the other hand, it would be one visit and then another follow up visit of “pain” and I could then enjoy my eyebrows for at least a year…right? I began asking around and people said that the used numbing cream and that it wasn’t that bad. I looked up a few places close to me and found Ella’s Beauty Lounge in Seoul. People had great things to say about her and her prices were reasonable, so I made an appointment.

On the day of my first appointment, I was asking Scott what I was doing….his response “I have no clue why you’re doing this.” Sigh….he’s so motivating.

So here is what to expect if you decide microblading is for you:

Before you even go to your appointment, surf the web, Pinterest, etc and look for eyebrows you like.  That way the day of, you can tell the aesthetician your style and show her the pictures, so there isn’t any confusion on what you want. I was also advised to go lighter and not as thick the first time as you can always go darker and thicker at your touch up, but you can’t go lighter or thinner.

img_0646img_0647Once the aesthetician knows what you want, they will outline your eyebrows. I liked how she worked hard to make sure they were even and level. She also gave me a mirror to make sure I liked the shape, and thickness.  We also discussed what color I would like and she created a color just for me.

Now let’s get into the process. As I mentioned before, microblading is basically a semi-permanent tattoo, so there is a needle involved. The needle actually looks like a small blade, but it is made up of 12 tiny needles. Make sure your aesthatician shows you a brand new blade, if someone tries to reuse a blade on you, run (don’t walk).

Before anyone gets poked, you will need some numbing cream. I can’t imagine anyone doing this without it and even with the cream I still felt some discomfort.  Can you believe that one of her clients thinks it’s so relaxing that they take a nap through the whole process?!!

img_0652Once the cream was applied, I felt some tingling after about 15 minutes.  We waited about 25 minutes total and then she started stabbing (okay….maybe more like poking) and scraping with the needle so that the cream would penetrate my skin and so she could apply a 2nd layer of numbing cream.  I now know what It’s feel like to be a piece of tenderized meat.  We then waited another 10-15 minutes to make sure I was good and numb.

Now we were ready to get started.  There was a lot of scraping happening and I could hear it which was very weird.  For the most part, it wasn’t too bad just the occasional burning.  The part closer to the inside of eyebrows hurt less and the part closer to the outside (where you’re closer to the brow bone) made my eyes water. I could definitely notice my brows were a little darker after the initial application.

img_0653When the first application was done, more numbing cream was applied, and this REALLY burned.  We waited about 10 minutes and applied some ice to the eyebrow area to help with the discomfort and we were back for a second application of the color.  The pain was more manageable this time, until we got to the very end, then the burning was quite noticeable and definitely uncomfortable.

img_0654Finally I was given a mirror to check the shape and color and the final step was to apply pigment to the design.
I guess the pigment at the end ensures that the color really seeps into the new “wounds” that were made.  This burned so much and I was definitely wincing quite a bit.  We waited about 5 minutes and then it was all cleaned up.

I was given some after care gel and strict instructions for after care:

  • Do not wash your face for 24 hours
  • No sauna usage
  • No swimming for 1-2 weeks
  • Avoid exercise! (I’m guessing the sweat coming out of your pores is not good for the color.  But this was A-OK with me, this is my kind of procedure! lol)
  • The eyebrows will begin to peel after some times, do not pick the scabs as it will remove the color and possible scar
  • Avoid the sun (definitely no tanning)

I kept track of my progress throughout the first visit and after my touch-up visit.  As you can see the brows started out VERY dark and then got a little patchy as they peeled.  My peeling was very mild and I didn’t look too scaly for long.

For the most part, the color stayed on pretty well and I was happy with the end result.

Most people haven’t noticed that I did anything to my eyebrows, but a few people have. I like that I didn’t go too dramatic and I was able to keep a natural look. I would definitely recommend microblading to anyone who likes having their brows filled in, but wants the low maintenance of not actually having to fill them in daily.

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