About Me

Welcome food and travel lovers and thank you for visiting my Blog! I’m Connie and I have had an ongoing love of food for as long as I remember. In addition to trying all kinds of new foods, I love traveling to discover fun places across the globe!

My love of food might have started as I grew up in my parents restaurant.  I spent all my free time watching my Dad in the kitchen making some of my favorite Chinese dishes.  Well let’s say that I did quite a bit more than watch…of course I was the official taste tester! What an awesome job that was.  Nowadays I leave the taste testing to my family and friends.

This blog is meant to share some of our favorite meals at home, tasty food I’ve eaten on my travels and the fun places I’ve explored.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

1. I speak Mandarin Chinese fluently

2. I’m an only child – but i’m not spoiled, ask anyone!

3. We have an adorable JinChow Sharkitainu (aka Jindo-Chow Chow-Sharpei-Akita-Shiba Inu Mix) named Gomi and I love her to pieces!

4. Meeting different animals when I travel is one of my favorites! (I have been on safari with wild elephants in Sri Lanka, played with tiger cubs in Thailand, and even hugged a panda cub in China!)

5. New shoes are one of my guilty pleasures….and the bane of my husband’s existence 🙂

I am excited that you’ve come to visit my page and I hope that we will see a lot more of each other!

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