Meerkat Cafe (Seoul, S.Korea)

I was surprised to learn of a new cafe that opened up recently in Hongdae featuring adorable meerkats! I mean really, as if dog, cat, sheep, and raccoons weren’t enough, someone had to take it up a notch. I honestly wasn’t really sure what to expect, but knew I had to make a trip to…

Adopt don’t Shop!

We’ve been thinking about making our little family of 2 into 3 and are so excited about our newest edition! Now don’t get too excited, we’re talking about the 4 legged furry kind of addition 🙂 Meet Gomi (곰이). She is a Jindo Mix that we first started fostering and ended up deciding to adopt….

Chungmuro is so dog-gone cute!

If you’re in the market for a puppy, you will probably hear about Chungmuro pet street located on Toegye-ro (you take the subway to the Chungmuro stop and come out of exit #8 and walk straight a bit). They have a whole street of stores dedicated to selling puppies of all shapes, sizes and colors….

Cat Cafe?….

What do you do when you see a guy standing in the middle of the street wearing a giant cat head? Well if you’re me, you have to go and investigate.  What we learned from the cat man, was that he was promoting a Cat Cafe. Most of us would think that a Cat Cafe…