What can you get for $1? (Daiso) 

****Update as of June 2017**** Daiso has just opened a new store in Myeongdong.  Why is this so exciting you ask? Because it is 8 stories high, I think it’s the largest store in Seoul!!  To get there and see all 8 magical floors for yourself take the subway to Myeongdong Station, take exit 2….

Emoi Vietnamese Kitchen (Seoul, South Korea)

If you’re a fan of Vietnamese cuisine and you’re tired of the usual flavorless broths of the “Vietnamese” restaurants in Seoul, then you need to try Emoi Vietnamese Kitchen.

Bosingak Bell Ringing Ceremony

We recently visited the Bosingak Belfry to watch the Bell Ringing Ceremony that takes place daily at noon (except Tuesdays).  During the ceremony the bell is rung 12 times and visitors who have signed up in advance can participate in the bell ringing. The Bosingak Belfry was used to keep time during the Joseon Dynasty….